About This Blog

My name’s Sean Boyce and I’d like to thank you for visiting my site. I’m a racing and betting journalist and TV presenter and this is the place where I get to write about the things and people that interest me. It’s also the place where I get to hear from you and you get to speak to myself and other users of the site.

I come at nearly everything from a betting angle as it’s betting that interests me most. Indeed when it comes to the marketing of racing you’ll often hear my exasperated rallying cry; ‘it’s about the betting, stupid!’

What I’m aiming to do here is put together some information, news, interviews and features on topics that I hope will be of interest to anyone who, like me, is fascinated by the world of betting. It will provide me with a chance to look in more detail at some of the big talking points of a day’s racing and also to cover topics that I think have been neglected elsewhere.

Everything on this site is free for you to access. I’m happy to share my views on events but I’m not interested in being a tipster. I’m also interested to hear other peoples views about the subjects that I write about on these pages.

That’s why I hope that you’ll participate by commenting on any articles, interviews or features that interest you. Comment is absolutely free and anyone can post once they have registered. You are entirely responsible for your own posts, so let’s all play nicely!

The site is a labour of love and I don’t get any payment for doing it. I will run ads in very small numbers and for hand picked firms that I think offer value and good service. If you click through from one of those ads on my site and open an account that will generate a bit of income which will hopefully cover the costs of designing and hosting the site, if not the man hours I’ve put in to the content!

To contact me e mail; info@boyciesbettingblog.com

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