Ascot Poker Prize Won!

Fri, Oct 1, 2010

Boycie On Poker

Ascot Poker Prize Won!

Congratulations to Andy – ‘mangothekat’ and to Rob -’hidethecash’. After four hours of gruelling high stakes poker action they split the first prize of a £4 thousand pounds VIP day at Ascot. Each of the guys will take a guest for a top notch day out at Ascot on Saturday 9th, with travel, hospitality, hotel and £500 of betting money apiece.

Rob found a couple of great spots at the business end of the tournament to build up a powerful chip stack that saw him through to the final heads up confrontation with Rob. Although the guys split the prize the record will show that Rob finished in first position, a deserved extra accolade for what was a very solid display of no limit poker prowess throughout the tournament.

Andy found himself with fewer chips in the latter stages but showed an impressive change of gears and plenty of guts to get his chips into play and working hard for him in the closing stages. It was high quality aggressive play that marked him out as a player who wasn’t intersted in going deep and finishing 3rd, or 4th. He was clearly willing to do what it takes to take it down.

Great result therefore that these two split it in the end. I’m looking forward to meeting them both at Ascot in a little over a week’s time.

Meanwhile thanks to everyone else who played. There were some terrific performances, and as ever in poker, a few hard luck stories saw good players go out through no fault of their own but that’s the game! I was really impressed with the tournament structure which allowed for plenty of play and gave good players scope for manouver. Something that can’t always be said of a lot of sites out there. Most of all though I enjoyed the banter and the craic at the tables. Some really good play was seen but a really good time was had too. A great start for ATR Poker Club.

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